Why You Need Argan Oil In Your Lip Game


I sat down to include all the research we’ve done on Argan Oil and why we decided to use it in our Matte Manipulation creamy matte lipsticks. You know better than anyone that ingredients matter: shouldn’t upset your dermis and trigger irritations or allergic reactions, bad rashes; they must have a clear and ethical sourcing plus supply chain and in general, they must improve the quality and experience of using a product.


But what the heck is Argan Oil, right? 

Most Argan Oil in Europe comes from Morocco and ours is no exception. This viscous ingredient is derived from the argan tree and it is traditionally used to treat acne, dry skin, wrinkles and even joint pain. That is why the demand for this oil is so high as it’s used in almost every lux skin, hair or makeup products. The key to its sustainable farming is to involve the local work force, who evaluates and decides which trees are protected and which can be used for extraction.

Berber woman cracking argan fruits

Berber woman cracking argan fruits. Source: Guardian


The good thing is that you don’t damage the tree by deriving the oil as only the fallen fruits are used.

To extract the oil, the fruits must be dried, nuts must be removed and cracked then pressed to get the oils out. There are two by-products at this stage; the pressed fruit pulp that is fed to animals and a thick paste sold for cosmetics production.

Moroccan argan tree nuts and oil

Moroccan argan tree nuts and oil. Source: Pinterest


Tremendous skin benefits.

I briefly mentioned some skin benefits of the oil above, but let’s look at in detail just how amazing this ingredient is. Most notable skin benefit of the oil is that it’s ultra-hydrating. Unlike many common oils in cosmetics such as castor or rice bran, argan oil contains a much higher concentrate of Vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Vitamin E delivers a powerful hit of skin regenerating and hydrating effects, making argan oil one of the best go-to ingredient to restore skin elasticity and improve natural radiance.

Argan Oil is rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acid and minerals.

Argan Oil is rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acid and minerals. Source: Guardian

It’s high antioxidant and mineral content helps reduce wrinkles and heal your chapped lips by firming and protecting the skin over your lips.

Essential fatty acids, especially linoleic and oleic acids, have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits which help soothe your skin while simultaneously provide a protective barrier against environmental stressors. Using Matte Manipulaation creamy matte lipsticks filled with argan oil offers amazing benefits for your lips from helping to retain moisture to heal chapped and irritated lips while feeding your skin with reparatory vitamins phyto-ingredients and nutrients. Oh… and it also helps to improve color pay off!💋



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