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Rebelle Yell

I’m so excited to introduce our first artist feature. This is one of the many blog posts we plan on doing each month. We knew, right from the first moment, we wanted to work with Milk Rebelle as the way she presents herself captured our imagination and could easily pair her with our #mattemanipulation lipsticks. I think it was a great match and not only because she looks lit wearing them, but because we have had the pleasure to glimpse a slice of her personality too. It was then I decided I should interview her and my Goth, she said yes! This is her Rebelle Yell…

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I have always been a chaotic and weird child, and I was interested in so many things. One week I was obsessed with this thing, the next week I couldn’t stop talking about something else. Overall I always knew I wanted to do something creative, I loved drawing and designing clothes, and I really liked singing as well, which I still do.

What attracted you to fashion and beauty?

I like the transformative power of it. On my less happy days I will just settle for some mascara and jeans. But if I feel inspired and creative I can completely change the way I look, and it can also make me feel really powerful. For me heavy makeup and extravagant outfits are a way of saying “hey society, this is me, whether you like it or not!” It’s me claiming space in a world that teaches people they aren’t allowed to.

Stylish model with glossy red hair is wearing a purple lipstick and a black top and black leather pants.

Did your education/parents/friends/etc. influence your sense of fashion and if so, how?

To be honest, not really. My parents dress quite “normal”, or whatever that is. My dad used to be a new-waver though and my mom was a punk when she was young, so I must’ve inherited some of my rebellious aesthetic. I wasn’t discouraged to dress alternatively like a lot of kids are nowadays, so that helped. But, when I was around 12 or 13 I discovered Lady Gaga, which made me see that I didn’t have to feel limited by mainstream fashion.

Was it easy or difficult to present yourself on social media?

It took some years to figure it all out. My Instagram started off as just a place where I shared boring things about my life, like most people’s. But then I started modeling and I posted those pictures too, that just got the ball rolling in a way. I realized it’s a platform I could take more seriously and use almost like an art gallery, accessible to all those interested!

Stylish model wears grey lipstick a chain harness and choker and a black and white stripy top.

Do you consider yourself an Influencer?

Not really. I don’t like the word influencer that much; I would rather refer to myself as a model and content creator. I don’t make posts to influence people at all, I hope people just like what they see and appreciate the content I produce. If I positively influence people in the meantime, that’s just a really big plus!

What talents, experience or expertise do you need to become a successful social media personality?

I think the most important thing is that you value the quality of your posts the most. Yes, the followers and likes and free products are really nice, but that shouldn’t be the reason you keep posting. I used to have almost 30k followers before my account got deleted. And of course, it made me sad that all that hard work was gone, but I also saw it as a clean slate. I put even more effort in my work now, and I get more collaborations with less followers, just because most brands would rather have high-quality content with their products than just a blurry bathroom selfie from a random person with 100k followers. So, creativity and individuality are important, and just make sure you’re proud of everything you upload!

Stylish models wears bright red lipstick and black silken lingerie and has long red nails.

How did your dark and edgy style come to be?

I started dressing more out of the norm in my teens, but I didn’t really have a set style back then. I was “famous” in my high school for my neon pink Dr Martens, when they weren’t really in fashion yet. So yes, they laughed at me whispered behind my back, but a few years later I saw all those people wearing same kinda stuff, I realized how dumb trends were. Why do people care what’s in fashionable or not? Evers since then, I really haven’t cared much about fashion and I just wear what I like, listen to the music I dig like goth music and the fashion surrounding that sub-culture has made me feel awesome.

Who are your role models?

Many Instagrammers inspire me, but also musical artists from the 80’s and 90’s. As I mentioned before, Lady Gaga was the one that showed me “hey you can be weird and some people will still like you!”. I also really liked Lisbeth Salander from the Millenium films. But in general, I’d say Marilyn Manson, because his style is so androgynous and creepy. Also Nina Hagen, Siouxsie Sioux, and drag queens have been a major inspiration. Drag queens are so unapologetic and outspoken in their looks, they really explore the lines between fashion and art.

What does makeup mean to you in terms of self-expression?

Most people tend to think makeup is just to make your face more pretty or appealing. And while that can be true, it’s definitely not the end of it. I shave my eyebrows off so I can have a clean slate. Some days I can look like a starving Victorian boy, and the next I look like a 90s pop diva. It can change your face, or enhance your features. The versatility of it all is what makes me like it so much.

Stylish model wears a smokey eye makeup and a gradient lip look going from black to gray to white.

What is the story behind your online persona “Milk Rebelle” and where does the name come from?

Well I used to have a different name I used for my modeling work, but I had to change it after my account was removed for legal reasons. It was a pun containing a brand name and cocaine, and it just wasn’t appreciated by both the brand and the algorithms online. So I had to come up with something new and I liked Milk as a name, because I’m pale, and it’s also a bit sexually suggestive, which works for my fetish modeling. And I liked Rebel, but it sounds like a stripper name so I used the French version, Rebelle.

How does your day-to-day routine look and how much time do you have for other activities beside your social media life?

I don’t have many other activities to be honest. I had kind of an emotional burn out 3 years ago, and I even had to quit my studies because I just couldn’t get out of bed anymore. Modeling was a great way to still pursue my creative ideas and make some money, without the daily struggle of social interactions that I still struggle to handle . So, my main activity is self-care. I go to therapy twice a week, and I focus on myself a lot. That may sound selfish but mental health is so so important. I have photoshoots about once a week, and I do my Instagram shoots about 2 or 3 times a week. My boyfriend takes my pictures and I style and edit them.

What are the most common misconceptions people have about you?

I have self-harm scars, and when people see them, they often assume that if I harmed myself in the past, I must also be a danger to others. This is not the case at all, but the fact that I usually dress all in black and when I wear platform boots, I’m 6’2”, it just doesn’t help my case *chuckles*. I’m kind of a shy and awkward person, especially if I’m around bigger groups of people, which a lot of people wouldn’t expect. I have the guts to walk around looking like a clown, but I don’t have the courage to ask for extra basket of bread in a restaurant.

Model is dressed in black, wearing black lipstick and chain chokers. Her makeup imitates the bleeding of the nose.

What has been the most surreal moment of your life in & outside of social media?

I honestly don’t know. There are lots of things that have made me stand still and be like “wow, is this my life?”. I choose to appreciate every small step I take and sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture. I once was booked for a party meet-and-greet, and people specifically came to see me, which was really cool. I suffered from impostor syndrome so badly that night. Also, when me and my boyfriend celebrated our 2-year anniversary. I have never been in long-term relationships before and the fact that he can still tolerate my craziness and even love me for it, it’s amazing!

What’s your best beauty advice for those struggling with their own body?

Try to let go of the idea that you always have to be #beautiful. You know, that thing you do with your eyeliner because it’s more flattering on your eye shape? Well, stop doing that for a few days! And why do you think you can’t pull off those types of dresses? Just wear them! Yes, it’s scary because especially women have been taught, that looking mainstream beautiful is so important. But, it’s not everything! It is more important to figure out what’s beautiful to YOU, and it’s probably not the same thing you see in the magazines, TV and online. The type of makeup that makes me feel most powerful and amazing, doesn’t make me look conventionally beautiful, but who cares about that? Certainly not me.

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