How To Apply Lipstick Like A Pro

Do you know how to apply your lipstick like a pro? We teamed up with our close friend, MUA Cristina for a short tutorial to show you how it’s done in three easy phases. By the end of this makeup tutorial, you’ll become a know-how lipstick queen. Read the whole tutorial to the end to find out her pro tips!

Phase One : Apply the lipstick at the center of your lips then press them together in a gentle rubbing motion.

If you thought that was it, keep reading! You’d be surprised just how much you can do to improve your lip game. Cristina is using our #MatteManipulation creamy matte lipstick in “In The Mood” to create that succulent pout.

Phase Two : Using the pointy end of the lipstick, draw the contour of your lips.

#MatteManipulation creamy matte lipsticks are designed with a pointy end to help you line your lips for a sharp and precise edge. This step is ultra-important! You don’t want your lips look unfinished or patchy. Your lips are basically ready to slay, but for the ultimate success you should totally apply Cristina’s pro tips!

I always line my lips either with a lip liner or using a lip brush.

End phase + PRO Tips : Add volume and remove tiny mistakes.

The last steps are used by professional makeup artists and hardcore makeup geeks. Why? Because these behind the scenes moves up your lip game to a whole new level and…

you don’t really need to be an expert to do them and it’s a guaranteed wow-factor!

It’s really that simple to create a professional lip look. I can’t wait to show you more beauty insider tips. Stay tuned!

Love, Cristina x

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