Fantasy Is My Reality

Our next interviewee needs little to no introduction to those who dwell in the curious and beautiful world of social-media powered makeup artistry. @b_dockk creates sensational looks that involve costumes, headpieces and beautifully blended makeup. She is the full package with a “cup of stardust” and a “dash of whimsy”. Her creations range from beautiful fairy-like transformations to eerie but stylish vampy looks. We were drawn to her as we also often find a safe haven in reading (and watching) fantasy novels and it felt like @b_dockk brought some of our heroes to life.

How did your creative journey as a makeup artist start?

I honestly have my little sister to thank for starting my makeup journey. I was 20 years old when my sister introduced me to makeup on YouTube. I was surprised that so many people were teaching others to do makeup online. Up until that time, I knew nothing of blending brushes, setting powders, and falsies; but, boy, did I want to learn more. I would watch one video after another and learned to do it myself.

model eature

b_dockk wears a vampire-like costume with makeup.

I’m by no means professionally trained, but there’s a certain catharsis in changing up your look and experimenting with technique.

When I was a preteen, I would lose myself in fantasy books. I often yearned for a character who looked like me, and makeup became a vehicle for that very expression.

Makeup is that escape for me. It’s a key to a world where fairies are real, and aliens walk among us. Makeup helps me become the main protagonist in my own story.

Do you have a signature look?

model feature

b_dockk wears a fairy-like costume and makeup.

On a regular day when I’m not in elf ears and colorful wigs, I defer to a nude lip and winged liner. Most of my friends know me for my winged liner.

However, I’m constantly being inspired by other beauty creators.

My all-time favorites are Jackie Aina, because she is so inspirational and tackles real-life issues head on. Nyane Lebajoa, because she has the major WOW-factor, have you ever seen her? She’s like a fairy/alternative princess come to life. I just can’t get enough of her talent. Anarkee, because she is stunning and has the coolest sense of style. She does a little bit of everything. She’s like a chameleon.

What are the makeup products you’d never leave without?

model feature

b_dockk wears a cute barbie-like costume and makeup.

Lipliner and Lipstick

Without some sort of lip product, I feel like my face looks dead.

Since lipliner can be both a liner and matte lipstick, it’s easy to apply to spruce up my look. There’s always a lipliner in my purse. So much so that sometimes I forget I leave them in there.

Ever since COVID-19, I’ve been working remotely. Therefore, my day to day look consists of a bare face and chapstick.

model feature

b_dockk wears a flapper-inspired costume, headpiece and makeup.

Describe the most embarrassing or funny thing that happened to you on social media.

I remember accidentally posting the wrong picture…😱

from a terrible photoshoot I did. (When I say terrible it was TERRIBLE!) Thankfully, it was much earlier in my Instagram journey, so not many people saw it! (If at all…)

model feature

b_dockk wears a faun/dryad-inspired costume and makeup.

If you could do anything in the world, what would that be?

If I could do anything in the world, it would be giving back.

There are so many people who are born into poverty or are in abusive situations they can’t leave. Giving more of myself to other people, is not only a goal for me, but it’s paramount for my growth as a person.

model feature

b_dockk wears an angel costume with wings and makeup.

POC content creators appreciation. Please, visit their profiles and follow them. They are extremely talented people whom the beauty community should give more recognition!

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