COVID-19 Notice

Hi Follies,

I think it’s important to say a few things about this pandemic and how it affects us and what can you expect when you order from our e-shop during these uncertain times.

What we’re up to…

First of all I hope everyone is doing OK, #socialdistancing and staying healthy. I hope you can still do your jobs to maintain your lifestyle and if don’t, you can turn to family, friends and local officials to find support. Thank you so much for asking if Lukas and I are OK in Romania. We’ve been in voluntary isolation for the past 2 months and taking care of ourselves with regular exercises and constant work. Oh, and now, we have a 3 months old Frenchie puppy to take care of, so we are certainly not bored.

I think that’s the most important thing when you are in quarantine, to find stuff to do and don’t just waste your time watching Netflix  (ok we do that sometimes, but only after work is done). So, as I said we’ve been busy;

We’re currently developing two new products: a liquid lipstick line and a lip gloss line.

Honestly, these goodies were supposed to be out by now, but everything slowed down since the pandemic started and we think, it’d be best to release these products after the dust settles. What else we’re working on? We are actively looking for the right retail partner in the US and overseas, so you can finally hold the products in your hands and try them before purchasing. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Well… we’re working on it, so stay tuned! 👍🏽

Your orders are on the way…

There are some restrictions we just have to work with when it comes to shipping your orders. The one thing that is affecting every e-commerce business now, is how the reduced warehouse staff can handle normal delivery turnarounds. While we are still shipping out orders, our staff don’t work every day and when they do they work less hours.

Please, be patient and allow an extra 2-3 days on top of normal delivery dates.

In any case, if you are concerned please email with your name and order number so our team can look into the delay.

Thanks so much for reading this. Stay safe and healthy!

Pete x


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